Manufacturing Day – Have you heard of it?

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Isoroku Yamamoto is quoted  saying, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with terrible resolve.” And indeed, Pearl Harbor was the push the United States needed to officially enter World War 2 and awaken the manufacturing powerhouse that the United States soon became renowned for. Unfortunately since then, the manufacturing prowess of the United States has faltered and outright stumbled to a stalemate in some areas. With increasing regulations, cheaper labor elsewhere, and the immense capital investment to get started, manufacturing jobs in the United States has become an export.

Thankfully that trend is starting to reverse; according to the Reshoring Initiative, a firm that works to bring jobs back to the US, in 2016 there was a gain of more than 25,000 manufacturing jobs. This statistic describes the 50,000 jobs that left the country but were then complemented by 77,000 manufacturing jobs coming back to the United States. The largest factor contributing to more jobs coming back than leaving is labor in China has now become more expensive, with about 60% of reshored jobs coming from China from 2010 through 2016. Not only are manufacturing jobs beginning to return but foreign investment in US manufacturing companies has spurred growth in the industry as well, providing optimism for manufacturing in the United States. Where they were once leaving in droves, manufacturing jobs are now beginning to work themselves back into the US.

There is one way to continue manufacturing growth and to spread awareness of the extremely fascinating possibilities that can happen in the manufacturing industry. To develop interest, educate, and provide opportunities to get involved, The National Association of Manufacturers has dedicated October 5, 2018 to be a celebration of manufacturing in the United States! It is a day that participating manufacturing companies open their doors to the public and show them the amazing things that happen. Have you always heard some loud clangs and bangs from that factory or plant down the street and never knew what was going on? Manufacturing Day is the day to find out! With companies all across the United States planning public and private events, Manufacturing Day is a fantastic way to learn more about manufacturing and what goes into such a large industry. Manufacturing Day includes different varieties of manufacturing; from 3D printing shops, bedding product companies, model rockets, and nutritional products! There’s a wide variety in manufacturing and many different companies are taking part!


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