Heavy Truck

Excellence based in Tradition

Forge Resources Group provides premier closed-die forging solutions to the Heavy Truck industry. With experience and growth since starting in 1988, the experience and flexibility of FRG continually grow to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the Heavy Truck industry. FRG has mastered creating forgings that last for the long haul. We realize late shipments stemming from repairs mean lost money; our forgings withstand the stress that countless miles on the road puts on parts, keeping clients on the move and profitable.


Capabilities Designed for Excellence

Forge Resources Group operates from over 50 forging cells, allowing flexibility, speed, and precision for every forging. Our production members pride themselves on keeping a clean production facility, high-efficiency forging, and meeting deadlines with time to spare. Beyond forging, FRG has in-house departments that provide additional services to make a complete forging solution all under one roof.


Parts Forged for the Heavy Truck Industry

Listed below are just some of the parts we are capable of forging. If you have a custom part you need, request a quote here and we will reach out to you!

  • Axle Shafts – Rotates and transmits power from gears to the wheels.
  • Clamps – Available in a variety of styles and sizes, these are used in various heavy truck applications.
  • Flanges – A flat rim, collar, or rib projecting from an object, serving to strengthen or attach to another component or to maintain position on a rail.
  • Levers – A bar attached to a piece of machinery that pivots to transmit force.
  • Spindles – Part of the suspension system that holds the hub for the wheel and attaches to both the upper and lower control arms.
  • Steering Arms – Transmits force from the steering gear to the drag links.
  • Sway Bars – Part of the vehicle’s suspension, these allow the vehicle to be steered without leaning.
  • Towing Hooks – Ideal for heavy-duty towing jobs.


Customer Service

Forge Resources Group believes the job is only half-finished when a client receives their parts. The job is truly finished when our client is satisfied, place their forgings into service/operation, and reports back that all is well. Until then, company representatives stand ready to answer questions, provide the necessary documentation, and if necessary make changes for the success of the client. Currently serving a large range of customers in Heavy Trucking, we give each one the precision of detail, customer service, and professional experience we stand by.


Why Go With FRG?

FRG knows closed-die forging like the back of our hand. We didn’t become a leading closed-die forging provider by cutting corners, we work hard for our clients and give the high-quality everyone expects. Through the expansion of our production facilities, our experience and capabilities have grown to match demands. Flexibility, reliability, and consistency are the bedrock that FRG stands on.