Forge Resources Group’s History

forgings steel metal forge process closed die
forgings steel metal forge process closed die

History:  Commitment sets us apart

Forge Resources Group’s history began in 1988 with the purchase of Dekalb Forge. To date, expansion across the Midwest includes 51 forging cells operating out of six plants. As a family-owned operation, we strive to develop strong relationships and produce excellent parts in a timely manner. Our commitment to working alongside companies of all sizes and capabilities allows us to continue to grow in a maturing market. In the past five years, we have worked with over 700 companies of various sizes and needs. A diversified clientele has allowed us to maintain consistent growth and partner with companies ranging from small machine shops to large manufacturers; learning from each and every client along the way.

Growth: Investment

Centralizing our corporate offices to our DeKalb, Illinois facility has allowed for improved synergies and coordination between all departments.  Additionally, the centralization of all raw material storage to our DeKalb facility allows for reduced lead times, lower transportation costs, and competitive pricing. In December 2017, further growth was facilitated through the acquisition of F.C. Mason. F.C. Mason supplied and distributed manufactured parts from the agriculture, forestry, mining, construction, and transportation industries for over 119 years; the combination of F.C. Mason and Forge Resources Group brought additional business knowledge and industry expertise.

Forge Resources Group’s History of Growth and Investment

Date Company
1988 Dekalb Forge acquired
1991 Hellstrom Forge (Drop Forge Division) acquired
1992 Blue Island Forge acquired
1993 Ashland Forge acquired
1994 Union Forge acquired
1995 Expansion of Dekalb Forge
1997 Butler Forge acquired
1999 Rockford Drop Forge acquired
2000 Eagle Die established
2001 Cardinal Forge acquired
2001 Endicott Forge acquired
Date Company
2002 Rhode Island Tool acquired
2005 Conley Frog and Switch acquired
2006 Kishwaukee Forge acquired
2006 Expansion of Cardinal Forge facilities
2007 Illinois Forge acquired
2007 Expansion of Central Office in Dekalb
2008 Automated Systems of Rockford acquired
2008 Expansion of Dekalb Forge
2010 New Heat Treat Facility at Dekalb Forge
2012 Expansion of Illinois Forge
2013 Michigan Forge acquired
2016 Expansion of Die Shop
2019 Star Manufacturing acquired


FRG is ISO 9001, AS 9100, and ITAR compliant. Continuous improvement is achieved by ongoing Six Sigma and active 5S programs. All facilities abide by our corporate quality policy and vision statement.

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