Excellence based in Tradition

Forge Resources Group provides premier closed-die forging solutions to the Agriculture industry. From our beginnings in 1988 to now, the experience and flexibility of FRG continually grows to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the Agriculture industry. Deadlines in Agriculture are critical. At Forge Resources Group, meeting and surpassing deadlines is how we do business. Getting our quality forgings out the door on time gets you out your door, doing what you need to do.

Capabilities Designed for Excellence

Forge Resources Group operates from over 50 forging cells, allowing flexibility, speed, and precision for every forging. Our production members pride themselves on keeping a clean production facility, high-efficiency forging, and meeting deadlines with time to spare. Beyond forging, FRG has in-house departments that provide additional services to make a complete forging solution all under one roof. Our capabilities go above and beyond just forgings: Heat Treat, Shotblast and Beadblast, Hardness Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection, and many other processes are available to keep FRG as your one-stop-shop.


Parts Forged for the Agricultural Industry

Listed below are just some of the parts we are capable of forging. If you have a custom part you need, request a quote here and we will reach out to you!

  • Ball Joint Caps – Seals the ball joint cups from the elements.
  • Bearing Caps – Contains the main bearings of an engine’s crankshaft.
  • Brackets – Provides mounting and support for various applications.
  • Camshafts – A shaft having at least one cam attached to it, especially one used to operate the valves of an internal-combustion engine.
  • Clutches – Transmits rotational motion from one shaft to another.
  • Connecting Rods – Connects the piston to the crankshaft.
  • Engine Mounts – Prevents engine from moving around.
  • Flanges – A flat rim, collar, or rib projecting from an object, serving to strengthen or attach to another component or to maintain position on a rail.
  • Gearbox Components – A mechanism that changes the input drive speed to a lower or higher output speed or reverses the direction of rotation
  • Gears – A rotating machine part that transmits force & motion.
  • Hydraulic Pump Components – Transfers the fluid from the reservoir to the hydraulic system.
  • Pivot Pins – A pin with a rounded end that allows another application to spin on it.
  • Shafts – An elongated, narrow part or section forming the handle of a tool or other implement.
  • Spacer Plates – A solid plate used to separate 2 parts in an assembly.
  • Spindles – Part of the suspension system that holds the hub for the wheel and attaches to both the upper and lower control arms.
  • Sprockets – A wheel with teeth used to engage links of a track and pulls the track as it rotates.
  • Tie Rods – Connects the steering gear to the steering knuckle.
  • Track Chain Links – Once put together, these allow crawler-type machinery to move efficiently.
  • Trunnions – A forged pin or forged pivot on which something can be rotated or tilted.
  • Universal Joints – Transmits rotary power from one shaft to another.
  • Yokes – A coupling component used in heavy industry applications.


Customer Service

Forge Resources Group believes the job is only half-finished when a client receives their parts. The job is truly finished when our client is satisfied, place their forgings into service/operation, and reports back that all is well. Until then, company representatives stand ready to answer questions, provide the necessary documentation, and if necessary make changes for the success of the client.


Why Go With FRG?

FRG knows closed-die forging like the back of our hand. We didn’t become a leading closed-die forging provider by cutting corners, we work hard for our clients and give the high-quality everyone expects. Through the expansion of our production facilities, our experience and capabilities have grown to match demands. Flexibility, reliability, and consistency are the bedrock that FRG stands on.