Forging Centers

Our forging cells include a hammer, press, and upset capabilities. Production is distributed between six forge facilities, allowing us to balance workloads, smoothly transfer tooling between sites as needed, and fully maximize our production capabilities.

  • Hammers 1,000- 16,000 lbs
  • Presses 1,300-6,000 tons
  • Upsetters 2-6 inch shaft, up to 11 inch flange

Our forge equipment’s range of sizes with built-in redundancies allows us to produce almost any forging product. In addition, we can accommodate your needs with wide-ranging forming practices for complex geometric shapes. Forge Resources Group has significant experience adapting existing tools as well, especially if you have a die you would like to transfer.


Maximum Forging Sizes and Weights

Carbon Steel Alloy Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum
Up to 350 lbs Up to 350 lbs Up to 100 lbs Up to 50 lbs
Up to 310 in2 Up to 310 in2 Up to 100 in2 Up to 80 in2

Materials We Forge

Carbon Steel Alloy Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum
1000 Series 4000 Series 300 Series 2000 Series
1100 Series 5000 Series 400 Series 6000 Series
1200 Series 6000 Series PH Grades (13.8, 15.5, 17.4) 7000 Series
1500 Series 7000 Series  
8000 Series
  9000 Series