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Our Forging Facilities

Forge Resources Group (FRG) began in 1988 with the Jones family purchasing DeKalb Forge and since then has continued to acquire additional forging facilities and invest in our capabilities.  Our mission is to be a premier forging solution provider serving our customer’s forging needs.

We are ISO 9001 and AS 9001 certified and ITAR compliant.  Continuous improvement is archived by ongoing Six Sigma projects and an active 5S program.  All of our facilities abide by our corporate quality policy and vision statement. Those policies can be seen by clicking on the links below:

ISO 9001 Certifications

AS9100 Certifications

Vision Statement

Mission & Quality Policy

Our central management and shared services between production facilities allow us to produce forgings in configurations and run quantities that many of our competitors are unwilling to make while still providing customers high quality and cost-competitive forgings.

This approach has allowed Forge Resources Group to show continued growth in a maturing marketplace.

In-process inspection for quality control includes hot-dimensional inspection and magnetic particle inspection which provides rapid feedback on the need to adjust the process if needed. We use CMM machines to validate customer requirements. We also utilize our 3D scanning arm which allows us to evaluate surface texture as well as 3D modeling.

Sales now exceed $50 million annually, making the company a major provider of closed die forgings. The industries currently served include aerospace, railroad, mining, oil & gas, truck, off-highway equipment, recreational vehicles, ordnance, medical, farm/agriculture, and shipbuilding.

aboutManufacturing is performed in six different plant locations including Freeport IL, Dekalb IL, Lansing MI, Rochelle IL, Rock Falls IL, and Rockford IL. Parts are supplied throughout North America. The company has the ability to forge a wide variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, brass-bronze-copper, aluminum, micro-alloy, tool steel, and most grades of nickel-based alloys. Unlike many forge companies, we will manufacture small to medium quantities allowing our customers to minimize inventory.

Infrastructure investment and reinvestment is ongoing within the company.

Recent improvements include the installation of 16,000#, 10,000#, 6,000# power hammers, 2,200-ton screw press, 8” induction line, 2 high-speed saws, and a new heat treat facility. Our latest plant acquisition adds 2,500 ton, 4,000 ton, 5,000 (metric) ton, and 6,000-ton mechanical presses to our existing hammer and press infrastructure. Installation of additional hammers and presses creates some redundancy in equipment, allowing us to shift production should the need arise (e.g. catastrophic event).

Sales, accounting, marketing, human resources, purchasing, and engineering have been centralized at our corporate headquarters in Dekalb, Illinois. Centralizing resources lowers cost, leverages buying power, and ultimately helps us offer forgings at a competitive price. Our goal is to provide customers with near-net shape, high-quality forgings delivered on time!

History of Growth and Investment

Date Company
1988 Jones Family purchases DeKalb Forge
1991 Hellstrom Forge (Drop Forge Division) acquired
1992 Blue Island Forge acquired
1993 Ashland Forge acquired
1994 Union Forge acquired
1995 Expansion of DeKalb Forge
1997 Butler Forge acquired
1999 Rockford Drop Forge acquired
2001 Cardinal Forge acquired
2001 Endicott Forge acquired
2002 Rhode Island Tool acquired
2005 Conley Forge and Switch acquired

Date Company
2006 Kishwaukee Forge acquired
2006 Expansion of Cardinal Forge facilities
2007 Illinois Forge acquired
2007 Expansion of Central Office in DeKalb, IL
2008 Automated Systems of Rockford acquired
2008 Expansion of DeKalb Forge
???? New Heat Treat Facility at DeKalb Forge
2012 Expansion of Illinois Forge
2013 Michigan Forge acquired
2013 Expansion of DeKalb Forge
???? Eagle Die Established
2016 Expansion of DeKalb Forge