Excellence based in Tradition

Forge Resources Group provides premier closed-die forging solutions to the Defense industry. From our beginnings in 1988 to now, the experience and flexibility of FRG continually grows to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the Defense industry. Forge Resources Group recognizes that the highest quality standards and applications are required for all uses of forgings in the Defense Industry. Critical failure in a component or part can lead to a catastrophic outcome. It is with these outcomes in mind that Forge Resources Group pours into every forging our expertise, highest quality standards, and precision. Those involved in the defending of our nation can rest assured; while they have our backs, our forgings will have theirs.

Capabilities Designed for Excellence

Forge Resources Group operates from over 50 forging cells, allowing flexibility, speed, and precision for every forging. Our production members pride themselves with keeping a clean production facility, high efficiency forging, and meeting deadlines with time to spare. Beyond forging, FRG has in-house departments that provide additional services to make a complete forging solution all under one roof. Our capabilities go above and beyond just forgings: Heat Treat, Shotblast and Beadblast, Hardness Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection, and many other processes are available to keep FRG as your one-stop shop.

Customer Service

Forge Resources Group believes the job is only half finished when a client receives their parts. The job is truly finished when our client is satisfied, place their forgings into service/operation, and reports back that all is well. Until then, company representatives stand ready to answer questions, provide the necessary documentation, and if necessary make changes for the success of the client.


Why Go With FRG?

FRG knows closed-die forging like the back of our hand. We didn’t become a leading closed-die forging provider by cutting corners, we work hard for our clients and give the high quality everyone expects. Through expansion of our production facilities, our experience and capabilities have grown to match demands. Flexibility, reliability, and consistency are the bedrock that FRG stands on. Learn more about who we are and what we do by contacting us or request a quote today to get our forgings in your hands!