FRG Attendance at ALEA 2016 Tradeshow

Representatives from our FRG Sales and Marketing team traveled to Savannah, Georgia to exhibit at the Aviation Law Enforcement Agency Tradeshow. As a member of the ALEA, we were able to meet with current customers and companies that offer strong partnership opportunities. Our attendance reaffirmed the consistent growth we see in the aerospace and defense industries.

We also met with current and retired members of law enforcement agencies. Upon hearing about our work in defense and aerospace, many complimented our work with our nation’s military. We are proud to offer parts to our military, and partner with organizations that operate in support of our nation’s defense.

Outside activities from the show included exploring the city of Savannah. The cities impressive history dates back to the early 18th century, as a major port and trade center the United States. This setting offered perspective on the impressive economic history of our country, and how our efforts can offer national growth through opportunities like those presented by the ALEA.

The ALEA show wrapped up on Friday, July 22nd. We look to continue developing the relationships formed through this event.

To learn more about the ALEA, visit their website at