two men working at hammer, text on left "forge resources group; forged in the us, for the world market"
flames warming up workpiece for manufacturing
workers in steel forge preparing for work




yoke forgings sitting in container together
worker at hammer, sparks flying in air
large yellow crane in material yard, black and white background
green semi-truck, black and white surroundings

Forge Resources Group

Forged in America, For the World Market

Size & Equipment Capabilities

We can supply closed-die forgings in carbon, alloy and stainless steels, aluminum, and other non-ferrous grades from one of our 51 forging cells.

Carbon and Alloy Steels

0.5-350 lbs

Aluminum/Non-Ferrous Forgings

0.5-50 lbs/0.5-125 lbs

Stainless Steels

0.5-200 lbs


1,000-16,000 lbs

Mechanical Presses

1,300-6,000 tons


2-6 inch shaft, up to 11 inch flange