Why Closed-Die Forging Makes the Most Sense

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Why Closed-Die Forging Makes the Most Sense

-04/19/18     Open, closed, upset, ring roll, hot, cold, warm; there is a wide variety of processes that forging materials can use to manufacture parts for today’s consumers and enterprises. However, there is one manufacturing process that stands out among them all for value, time, and dependability: closed-die forging.

Similar to open, upset, and ring rolled forgings, with closed-die forgings the material to be used (a billet or bar) is heated to a point of most malleability without changing to liquid state; it remains in a solid state the entire forging process. Casting on the other hand takes a material and heats it completely to the melting point and pours this liquid metal into a formed cast. This is easier to produce more geometrically complex shapes however, the durability and overall quality is lesser, takes more resources, and is not as cost effective with material scrap. Forgings minimize wasted material and are cost-effective, quick, and retain their durability under considerable stresses. Closed-Die forgings take that heated billet and apply direct extreme pressure to it through the use of a hammer (die). The impression the billet should take has been machined into the hammer beforehand, the upper and lower dies have mirror images of that geometry tooled into them. Closed-die forgings are forged near net-shape, meaning there is little finishing work to be done before the forging is put into operation. This allows closed-die forgings to be manufactured quickly, precisely, and used quickly.

The applications of forgings are as versatile as an industry needs them to be. From the smallest 3 ounce forging to massive parts weighing 350 pounds, carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel forgings can be found anywhere: Agriculture, Aerospace, Mining, and Off-Highway are just a few examples of industries that have demand of forgings. These industries have determined over time that forgings are the best option for cost-effectiveness, durability, and on-demand production. With plenty of other uses for forgings in many industries, Forge Resources Group is happy to supply the highest of quality forgings to anyone who seeks them. How can our forgings impact your business today?



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